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2008-06-13 16:55:18 by nekeb

ive taken a turn in music and now im a HUGE fan of HAppy Hardcore
not to long ago i got my DJ equipment and i plan on releasing my first mix in about 3 months (or longer)
what im basically saying is i dont use newgrounds anymore

delayed songs

2007-12-24 13:34:32 by nekeb

Im sorry to all my "fans" but these past two weeks i got a job offer part time and ive had no time to work on my songs i only got partialy done so it may delay about by a month

Song release dates

2007-11-28 21:51:15 by nekeb

ok so i know i have no fans but any stroll-on-bys heres what i have planned for the next two months

Song release dates

the perfect techno song

2007-11-25 14:05:13 by nekeb

Hey newgroungs users!

This question goes to audio submitters.

Whats the basic layout for a "perfect techno song?"
meaning how is it played? or somthing...

I have some great stuff ready to be uploaded but i dont know i want to make a masterpeice.

If you want to know i have FL Studio 7 Producers Edition