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this is my favorite flash i love the cartoons you

i love the cartoons you made your very creative
i have to watch this movie at least once a week in order to keep going
thank you
i love you
marry me?


awsome dude just great i even took the time to write down the whole thing

Sweet child of grief and sorrow. Spawn of hope and pain. Please take the hatred of tomorrow, and cut it all away. As time has passed, a new world order has turned the other cheek. Now the cage has opened, and the lunatics set free. As justice paid the child will send them back to hell and turn. With all their twisted crimes they'll scream, and burn, and burn, and burn for. All the evil deeds of men, hells fury she will send. For wicked deeds, meet wicked ends. No mercy for the damned.

it took my like 4 or 5 times to get it all right but i did it!

Rawmin responds:

As Justice paid, the child will send them back to hell in turn.

For all the evil deeds of men, hell's fury she will send.

Outside of that you nailed it. Nice work. Obsessive, but nice. Head on over to www.nomercyforthedamned.com and when your on the main page click on the "Lost Files" icon.
Here, if you can figure it out, you can read this poem and two others I wrote.
Thanks for your support and interest.

-Joe Crevier

i like it

i like it but change the music it sucks...and at the end have him fall on or in somthin like back to the begining or spikes... then a replay

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this is a good game

this is a good game could be better though add some music that might make things intresting


that was very good better than i expected great gameplay easy instructions these are the games that are classics

dam good job dude

well i must say the intro...was...funny... anyhow i beat the game...yes me 3000 turns done and over usally if you survive the first 1500 youll live unless you got through by luck me i had skills....with a pistol!!!! nah i had help from shoty too but i had at the ending when it shows you your town again
$5 million or so left over
28 lvl 3 watch towers
10 lvl 3 bunkers
all walls lvl 3
15 lvl 3 army bases
30 lvl 3 houses
20 lvl 3 factories
2300 marines
452 factory workers

now im skipping the little things and such and rounding on the marines cause i had alot thats your key defence for the middle

at the beggining start by making 3-5 normal houses and 3-5 factories

*put them way back in the middle for better protection houses on one side factories on another*

then send the people to the factories

that will give you income to buy more stuff although killing things gives you income starting fast will help alot!

after the first wave by some bullets for you pistol
*always have bullets!!!!!*
you dont want to get shotty bullets until youve seen the third *general* i call em
but you can keep buying pistol bullets

once youve established yourself enough and/or see the first car make your first watch tower in the middle this will protect you from anything going straight down the middle.

*you should have about 3 army bases by now*

send 5 or 10 (i forgot sorry) men to the tower and keep building towers ***outside*** your walls

when ever one of your cheap walls falls upgrade it to a wood one if that falls again you suck!!! but repair it dont upgrade it. keep making houses and factories you should have maybe 2-5 lvl 2 houses and factories and maybe 1 lvl 2 army base

*dont upgrade bunkers thats a bad mistake at first

keep upgrading your walls when you can and upgrading your towers right away putting more men in them

*dont save your money for a lvl 3 before 1200 turns if you do it might be fatal*

by 800-900 turns you should have a steady flow of income never waiting to buy bullets and start getting aka bullets if you havent already?!?!

skipping to 1600 turns

by now you should have all walls lvl 3 if not do so maybe a couple factories bases and all slots filled for outside towers all of em should be lvl 3 start upgrading your bunks till its lvl 2 and put men inside this will help at the final battle (2750-300)

keep building your income up when possible and always have enough men after you got all your bunkers up to lvl 3 and outside towers 3 (full of men) now you start building lvl 2 towers inside your walls just before you buildings fill it with men this will slow the walkers at the end just a bit for you to kill them

*you dont have to upgrade them to lvl 3 that will waste time and men but it might help if your slow*

oh and also the walkers wont attack the upper left walls at the final battle so skip putting towers inside at that point and always starting at 2200 turns have 300 aka bullets maybe before.

if you do this stuff you will get a nice message saying

and so
all was saved
thanks to you
and your base
and your guns
n stuff
im sure you gained alot of RSI in there
i sure did.
*shout outs and thanks and credits*

good luck


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by girlfriend you mean

i liked it alot
now by girlfriend you mean the rabbit fur you rub your junk on everynight.

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great i "love" "metallica"

DarKsidE555 responds:

Yeah...well...ok, though...this song has NOTHING in common with Metallica! ;P

Thanks for da listen duder.

very good

ive never seen avatar but the song was good i use aabout 3 diffrent softwares for making music but yours seems better im still in the process of making some but id like to know what you use.

dont use newgrounds anymore :(

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